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The Opus DVD contains advice, strategies and learnings from some of the worlds greatest teachers today.

Some of those leaders are Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle and others.

Showing us that not only is having a vision or a dream important, and positive thinking that the universe will manifest our desires into our reality, we are told that ACTION is crucial to success.

Experiencing roadblocks and challenges are a part of life, but as we know, we must pick ourselves up and be persistent as we chase our dreams.

The teachers in The Opus show us the specific qualities one needs to succeed, which include the love, the passion, the dedication and the taking action to reach our goals.

The Opus DVD is remarkable in that we can sit and watch it once, realise that we find the inspiration and motivation to propel us forward. Watch The Opus for a second, third, fourth time, and over and over, and with each viewing, we learn more and more, and the teachings become ingrained.

Following the life of Vincenzo Vivaldi, who endured his private challenges, the teachers talk us through each step from Vision … To Plan … To Performance.

Who else could give us so much advice to reach our own success?

The Teachers involved in the movie – The Opus DVD.

By Danette Hibberd


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The Opus DVD Movie is the one thing that is crucial for anyone wanting to improve their life – in any way.

Understand that you can never learn less.

Having watched it again today, I notice that each time I view The Opus Movie, I pick up on something that I missed before. I gain further inspiration, further motivation and further direction to continue to create my very own opus.

The Opus Movie is definitely the greatest tool to keep you on the right track. The advice and strategies given by the guest speakers such as Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff and others is truly amazing.

Don’t delay the opportunity that is presenting itself to you today.

Begin creating your very own opus, your very own symphony, with The Opus DVD movie.

Get your copy today.

By Danette Hibberd

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The Opus takes your life’s journey to the next level. We were left wondering after viewing The Secret, but no more…

We all loved The Secret and the buzz it created. However, the time has come to learn more of the amazing powers of the Law of Attraction, and create the symphony of our own life.

Watch the trailer of The Opus, and be inspired to use your own imagination. Make sure you take the window of opportunity when presented to create the life you love.

Don’t miss creating your life’s symphony with The Opus.

The Opus – the movie has now been released in Australia and you can get your very own copy today.

Imagine being inspired to follow your dreams and take your window of opportunity today.

In Australia –

For just $34.95 plus $5.95 postage & handling, order your copy of The Opus

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By Danette Hibberd

The Opus has arrived in Australia.

Following on from The Secret – This movie will be absolutely HUGE. Be a part of this phenomenon from the very beginning – get a jump start to success.

In Australia? Order today for $34.95 plus $5.95 p&h

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