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The Opus DVD – More on What People are Saying About The Opus Movie!

Joe Vitale on “The Opus Movie” :

I liked the movie. So did Nerissa. Apparently crowds in Calgary and Edmonton who saw a special showing of it went wild and loved it.
I don’t know what impact The Opus will have on people. In some ways it’s just the traditional goal setting stuff you and I have heard and read for decades.
But the beauty of a good movie is that you get the same information in an easy, visual, even emotional form, which means it has a better chance of getting into you and sticking with you.
The main message of The Opus is to bring your music out, to enjoy now, and to leave something behind.
The movie wants you to – as I say in it – “Dare Something Worthy.”

When the movie is released, go see it.
It just might awaken that song in your heart – your own Opus.
Ao Akua,
Joe Vitale www.mrfire.com

Mark Victor Hansen on “The Opus” :

“If you’re only going to see one movie in your lifetime, this is the one!”
Mark Victor Hansen – co-creator of chicken Soup for the Soul

Morris E. Goodman: “The Miracle Man” :

10 times the power – 10 times the value – 10 times the inspiration and motivation of The Secret. I know – I was in both. The Opus should be seen by every man – woman – and young adult in THE WORLD. Simply sensational!!!!!
Morris E. Goodman
“The Miracle Man”

Tom Benz Hansen on “The Opus Movie” :

“This is an award winning film!”
Tom Benz – Production manager, Brokeback Mountain, Resurrecting The Champ

Synchronicity magazine on “The Opus Film” :
” I highly recommend this film as a MUST SEE.”
– Jeremy Merkel – Editor Synchronicity magazine

New Age magazine on “Opus Movie” :

“The keys to success will be given to you in The Opus!”
– New Age magazine

Cyres café on “Opus” :

“Powerful Possibilities, Indeed!”
Cyres café


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The Opus – Be one of the first to own the DVD.

In this spectacular feature length movie, world famous visionaries such as JACK CANFIELD, JOE VITALE, JOHN DEMARTINI, BOB DOYLE, MARCI SHIMOFF, MORRIS GOODMAN, and MARK VICTOR HANSEN amongst others share with you the formula you can use to create greater abundance in wealth, health, relationships and self achievement.

In other words, The Opus will open your mind to the possibilities that you can create your reality.

It is a story about a young man who pursues his dream in the face of impossible challenges and along the way you’ll learn how to unlock your own amazing possibilities to create your own personal Opus and your life as you want it.

Have you had a chance to see this wonderful movie?

Leave your comments below, and let others know that this is a film not to be missed.

Get your copy of The Opus.

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The Opus is taking the world by storm.

Here’s what people are saying about The Opus.

Your copy of The Opus awaits you.

For Australian Orders –

For $34.95 plus $5.95 p&h, get your copy of The Opus

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The Opus takes your life’s journey to the next level. We were left wondering after viewing The Secret, but no more…

We all loved The Secret and the buzz it created. However, the time has come to learn more of the amazing powers of the Law of Attraction, and create the symphony of our own life.

Watch the trailer of The Opus, and be inspired to use your own imagination. Make sure you take the window of opportunity when presented to create the life you love.

Don’t miss creating your life’s symphony with The Opus.

The Opus – the movie has now been released in Australia and you can get your very own copy today.

Imagine being inspired to follow your dreams and take your window of opportunity today.

In Australia –

For just $34.95 plus $5.95 postage & handling, order your copy of The Opus

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